Moonshae Organisations

All Moonshae organzations follow the same basic structure. You may join an organization and advance through its ranks by leveling and completing objectives.

The Moonshae organizations are woven into the fabric of the societies. Joining their ranks requires that you have earned their trust and bled for their causes. Joining an organization grants the basic privileges of membership:

•        Participate in organization activities

•        Receive the organization insignia

•        Progress through the ranks of the organization

•        Own Moonshae properties

Organization insignias



Defenders of the Earthmother

        smooth stone

Harbingers of Liberation

stylized key

Initiates of Flame

symbolic wand

Kendrick Loyalists


Moonshae Trade League

symbolic coin

Serifal Faithful

silver leaf

Wardens of the Deepshaes

belt buckle