A Map of Maztica

Atlas of Ice and Fire

After my well-received map of Faerûn, I received some requests to map some of the other continents of Toril in the Forgotten Realms campaign setting. Although a map of Kara-Tur is likely some way off — it would require almost as much work as Faerûn — and there isn’t enough information on Katashaka or Ossë to make mapping them viable,  I have decided to add maps of Maztica and Zakhara. Zakhara will follow at some point, but the Maztica map is completed.

Maztica A map of Maztica. Please click for a larger version.

Maztica, referred to by its natives as «the True World» and by the colonialist Faerûnians who «discovered» it as «the New World», lies to the west of Faerûn across the Trackless Sea. It was only officially «discovered» ten years ago, in 1361 DR, by Captain Cordell of the Golden Company of Amn, who landed a fleet on…

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